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about us

There's two of us

We are a husband and wife team who provide a huge range of skills.

This is our family business.

Also hay.

"Back in 2005 I started up Warm Winter Arts as a primarily 3D design, modeling, and architectural walkthrough company in the UK. This is evidenced through many of the more well known clients on our list. Feel free to ask about any of them."
"In 2015 our family relocated to Minnesota and I took over the business while waiting for my Green Card to come through. I took the company in a new direction of design, hosting, and marketing. The aim was always to work local but we have clients from around the world."

encourage Local Businesses

It's the future

Working with a small local business not only supports their family, their community, and our environment, but provides you with an accountability that is often, if not always, missing from large scale businesses.

A Brief


Elli Winter

  • I studied Art and Education and have a Bachelor’s in Education and a Bachelor’s in Science, as well as advanced skills accreditation.
  • I have been an educator for about 30 years.
  • Ten of those years were spent teaching general tech (computing and design etc…) to secondary (highschool) and adults, while the remainder included special ed and art primarily.
  • I ran a small 3D design business online for several years while teaching.
  • I currently homeschool two teenage boys, assist in running several homeschool groups, and have a steady stream of clients of my own.  
  • I work closely with my clients to produce customized solutions. Nothing is out of a box. Everything is fit for purpose.
  • I studied Fine Art and Architecture and have a  Bachelor’s in Art, as well as horticulture.
  • I worked as an artist for many years, but also in retail.
  • My ten years in the UK were spent either working independently as Warm Winter Arts or as an employee of Imperial College London, mostly producing virtual archictectural walkthroughs, but also video gaming assets and apps.
  • Since moving back to Minnesota I worked in cable tech until recently when I bought a hay farm and learned how to be a farmer.

A Briefer


Robin Winter


Family is everything