Javier’s New Tooth

A fully interactive and exciting story-app which combines education, humour and undeniable cuteness. Designed for toddlers, pre-schoolers, and elementary / primary age children to explore alone or with a parent. The unique creation of an experienced and highly skilled educator and her own young children. Packed full of ‘click me’ sounds, narrations, voices, and animations, an absolute pleasure. Javier’s New Tooth is the second installment of the life of a bedtime toy called Javier. It’s explores Javier’s adventures in trying to find out who owns the massive tooth that she found under her pillow.

This is a follow-up book to ‘Where’s Javier?’ which is currently being re-leased.

The Javier books were an experiment to see if we could take an app (we chose an interactive book) from concept to release without any 3rd party intervention. We did it. Now we are refining our ideas to develop more unusual and unique book-apps and are coming up with a plan to gamify them in a more innovative way than has been done before.

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