An Ishy Alphapedia

Do your Iris Itchers irritate? Have your Pus-Pellets ever exploded unexpectedly? Did you know that EVERYONE has Kidney Kickers; have you ever seen them dance? An Ishy Alphapedia is an alphabet full of farting, screaming, dancing bodily infestations. Inspired by my young twins and carefully illustrated for them by me; cutely narrated and wonderfully animated, an Ishy Alphapedia is guaranteed to cause many a giggle and even more “yuk”s whatever your age.

A wonderful book-app to be read either independently or shared, an Ishy Alphapedia is full of exciting sounds and touchables. While purely a work of fiction, it introduces a rich vocabulary and new concepts in language and learning to children from pre-school to upper primary.

The authors are my children and myself. I am a highly qualified and experienced educator with over 20 years experience (UK) in all age ranges and abilities. I am bringing what I know about story-telling, imagination, education and interactivity into a growing range of book-apps.

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If you are an author or illustrator who wants to bring your work to life I would love to work with you.