Clinical and Disaster Training

We have modelled and scripted ‘game-style’ training environments for several government agencies in the UK.

The Simulation Technology-enhanced Learning Initiative (STeLI) for the London Deanery needed a patient management simulation for training junior doctors. It was an immersive clinical environment which enabled NHS staff to practice managing situations where a patient’s safety could be at risk in the real world. This was a continuation of a research project funded by NHS Training for Innovation.

We used virtual reality to help medical staff at St Mary’s Hospital in London prepare for major incidents. In the scenario we modelled medics were transported into the aftermath of a bomb blast. The following video shows a patient whose leg has been blown off, and provides the training scenario for medics at St Mary’s Hospital in London. This is Virtual Reality training to help medical staff learn how to cope in a major incident. A virtual resuscitation room shows multiple patients all needing emergency treatment at the same time.