We are a small and passionate design studio

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What we Do

Web and Social

Responsive, efficient and engaging web sites using the WordPress platform. Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, Instagram integration. Yelp, YP, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Thumbtack and Angie's List management.

Design and Branding

Logo refresh or a complete rebranding. We specialise in building a complete online and offline identity for you. We create not only sharp illustrations and incorporate 3D modeling into our designs.

VR, games, and apps

Virtual architecture, gaming environments, 3D asset modeling and VR. Animated children's book apps and serious gaming app. All on itunes.

It was an amazing process to go though designing my business logo. She gets as much information as she can to find what you really want and the result is absolutely spot on! Very timely. I will definitely be going back for more. Highly recommend.

I have the opportunity to work with Elli on cwb.world. She is extremely knowledgeable and talented. She couples her knowledge and talents with an extremely passionate and personable nature that results in her going above and beyond to be inclusive to everyone and to find solutions. My relationship with Elli grew from her volunteer support efforts into a business partnership.

I worked with Robin on a research project at Birmingham University (UK). He designed a plant model showing that plants can change morphology based on the structure of their cells. Using this we derived novel information. This is evidence of a successful interdisciplinary collaboration. A Manuscript was submitted and a research paper successfully produced. Robin is exceptional at bridging the gaps between disciplines and listening to the needs of researchers. I hope to continue to collaborate with him in the future link

"I approached Robin to come and work for us because of his expertise in all areas of design and his careful attention to detail. He subsequently worked with me on a number Imperial College projects over the course of several years. Robin helped us by delivering a consistently high quality of 3D modelled environments including medical equipment, hospital buildings, character designs and animations. The result for us was a high level of satisfaction with the quality of our developments from clinicians, researchers and end users alike. Robin is a great artist with a good feel for modern 3D and gaming environments. He is also very professional and a real pleasure to work with. I would strongly recommend Warm Winter Arts to anyone who needs individualised virtual learning environments and 3D modelled assets for gaming."

"I have been working with Elli at Warm Winter arts since 2015. I approached her for a complete rebranding of my pilates business. She developed printed promotional materials, advertising campaigns and promotions as well as a web site. We have been able to bring a consistent look and feel to our customers. It’s like having a personal designer on call all day every day!"

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We are more than just another design company; we are a family of artists with decades of experience working with local and international clients to help them develop their design visions 3D environments. We are the whole package so we never outsource and our overheads are minimal.
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We believe that everyone deserves high quality service, no matter what their budget. We aim to improve the experience of our clients and their customers for the lowest cost and best quality. We believe in small business because we are a small business, and we like it that way.






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